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NZTA MEMBERS CAN CONTACT LISTINGS DIRECT and can click on CV available to view a candidate's CV.

If you don't see anyone suitable an advertisement can be placed on your behalf, free of charge on suitable equine employment sites.
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IMOGEN ADOLPH [email protected]

I’m on the look out for a full time position in farming / dairy / equine or anything in between.
I have extensive retail experience under my belt, but I want a change and do something I’m passionate about.
I’m a 19yo female, hard working, flexible and open to giving anything a go. Currently have restricted license but am eligible to get my full as of now if required.
I’m happy to travel anywhere in a reasonable distance from Whanganui. May consider relocating for the perfect position.
I have been raised on a lifestyle block, grown up on farms, owned and worked with horses and stock before. I have the experience with equines, and willing to learn more regarding stock. I have common sense, not afraid to get my hands dirty and know how to listen and get the job done.
If you know of anything suitable please get in contact, I would be open to anything.
Thanks In advance.
Imogen Adolph 021462597

Trackwork Rider from Mauritius. Looking for an apprenticeship.
Click here for CV and links to video footage 1 & 2.
[email protected]

Note he will need to come in when the borders are open and under the new Accedited Employer Scheme.

I am Asistdeo Sookhy from Maur
itius and would like to get a chance to ride in New Zealand if they are some trainer looking for rider am free any moment.

I have seven years of Experience in riding race horse and been ride some country like Sweden,Norway,New Caledonia,Madagascar

Now I am in Mauritius riding training everyday

Here my CV
and links to photo and video footage
Kindly regard

[email protected]

Click here for CV and raw video footage of his riding.
[email protected]

Hannah is 18 years old and wants to do the track riding strand of the Equine Certificate Level 3 course.  She has just completed the level 2 course in Auckland.  We live in Te Awamutu but Hannah would travel to Cambridge. 
Her email address is
phone number

KEVIN KALYCHURUN - [email protected]

Its Kevin Kalychurun here the jockey originally from Mauritius, i rode in nz before and in 2018 i left for overseas. I was emailing you to seek your help , im planning to come back and spent few years in nz . I know with this epidemic life hasn’t been easy . if i come to nz I would mainly like to get back to South Island because thats where i made my name .
I know nz is short for riders at the moment, so if i can get myself hook up with someone i can start the visa process asap the immigration gets back to business 
So please if anyone looking for rider just let me know 

I have held a trainers license since 1997, permit to train since 1999, have worked intermittently for several other license holders ,including 4-1/2 years with one. Looking for senior employment role to suit. contact details are ph 0274988904 &email [email protected]

Hanna Laurie - Cambridge
My names Hanna I’m originally from Paeroa moved to Cambridge a few years ago. Have been around horses my hole life doing all sorts of different stuff and different disciplines. I wouldn’t say I’m experienced as I’m always learning and willing to learn but I am a very confident rider and I’m able to manage most horses confidently. I have worked with polo pony’s trekking horses of the trackers and breakers and pre trainers. I’m a really bubbly and outgoing person. I’m able to pick up thing really quick because I love to learn new tricks and techniques. I definitely live the racing industry and would love to get into track work weither it be just exercising a few at a home track as that’s all I’ve really don’t with track work as such, but I’m really wanting to either find an apprenticeship with track work so I can get better and learn new things along the way and actually go to the track and work horses. Ph:0273323527 Email: [email protected]

Potential trackwork rider - Cambridge
I’m Cambridge based and I have been working on the ground for 18 months. Have experience strapping at trials and race day, worked at yearling sales. Physically fit, ride horses outside of work. Have been taught the basics of trackwork (by a former jockey) and am ready to start riding a few each morning and work on the ground for the rest while build up fitness etc. 02040528360

Bekah Welsford - looking for work in Ashburton
Experience - no race stable experience. I’ve had horses for 13 years. I have worked for Brodie Roberts equestrian for a year as a groom and Annabel Wigley (Beaufort Downs) for a few months as ground staff (feeding and rugging)

I hold a Certificate in Equine Skills Level 3 and Certificate in Animal care (level 5)  Mobile - 02040279014  Email - [email protected]


Kelsea O'Connor - Canterbury  [email protected]

Experienced at the highest level in both racing and equestrian with valuable veterinary knowledge. Looking for a senior groundstaff position in Canterbury - preferably Riccarton/West Melton areas. Click here for her CV and references.

Laura Macdonald - Manawatu [email protected]

Racing experience as stablehand in Cambridge I am really trying to find a trainer that has a quiet horse they'd teach me to ride trackwork on as that is my ambition, but I'm happy to do groundwork as well.  I also have a professional background in marketing and communications if any trainers are looking for an office person! Click here for link to CV

Mackenzie Alsop - Christchurch - 
[email protected]

I am looking for employment to further develop my skills, and follow my passion to work with horses and cattle, in a practical hands-on position.   I am an experienced rider, and farm hand, with a proven background in customer experience.  I have been acknowledged as showing initiative, the ability to learn quickly, attend to tasks with confidence and independence.
Confident and capable rider keen to learn trackwork, preferably in the Christchurch area. Click here for link to CV.

Varrun Tengaree - Mauritius - [email protected]
Currently an apprentice jockey in Germany. Trackwork experience in Mauritius and Madagascar. Click here for link to CV - also a video where he is the rider with the red cap.

Tamara Silcock - Canterbury - tamara.sil[email protected]

Capable/confident rider. Good with colts and stallions. I break in horses here in Nelson as well as teach  and work with problem horses. Not bothered by bucking rearing.
I show jump upto gp level and produce all my horses. I've worked in Japan in a pre training and yearling prep stable and had great results with all the horses I was training to go on and win!
I'm i can find work even just doing normal stable duties I will be happy!  Super hard working and love seeing results! 

Danielle Wallace - Canterbury[email protected]
I am 26 and studying Vet Nursing full time through correspondence so super flexible with hours. I would be looking for approx 15hrs per week.
I am super experienced around horses having evented since i was 14 and competed successfully to 2* level. I have also produced many off the track Tbs through the eventing grades.
I am also a fully qualified equine sports massage therapist so a great knowledge of everything equine.


Bianca Bryant - Te Awamutu [email protected]

Looking for a horse job in the te awamutu area as will be traveling from otorohanga so keep in mind.
Have many years of experience with young breakers through to older race horses. Wanting from start of June ground and riding. Message Bianca on 02108372943. Has own transportation and full license.


Ayla Peters - moving to Canterbury

Hi there looking for a job in Christchurch or surrounding have had 15 years ground work experience with racing horses including stud work looking to move down in bout 6 months

I have worked for Graeme Rogerson Lisa latta Moroneys I am currently working for Lee Somervell but am looking to move down south in next 6 months I have done 15 years in thoroughbred industry I have level 1,2&3 in equine studies. My phone number is ‭027 213 2046‬ [email protected]

Katie Waterson - Auckland

I'm looking for work anywhere in Auckland, I'm open to anything offered to me although I think I'd be perfect as a stablehand/groom. I'd love to develop as many skills as possible learning different disciplines and types of training. Honestly overall I'm open to anything and will learn anything given to me. Click here for CV. [email protected]