Latest News on Covid-19 - updated regularly

Read here for the latest updates on assistance throughout Covid-19 Daily Updates Traffic light protocols - raceday, trials and at training tracks Alert Level 2 Regulations Alert Level 3 Regulations - what you need to know if you have a horse racing Travel to races within regions and inter-regional - NZTR will send etters to all trainers with horses starting confirming the need for travel

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Analysis of Membership

Here is a report analysing the membership for the new season - by licence type, region and age. Also on the Top 20 and Top 50 trainers on the Premiership last season.

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Regumate - updated

Since the adoption from the 1st November of ‘two clear days’ WHT of oral Altrenogest in racing fillies and mares it is clear that a proportion of them were starting to come into season on race day.

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