Ownership Information

How to find a trainer

If you are or want to be a horse owner and are looking for a trainer you can search by clicking here for the New Zealand Trainers directory.
You can also check the latest listing online by going to the Licence-Holder Contacts listed under the online RPG on Love Racing: https://loveracing.nz/RPG 

Please note the distinction between licence types: 

Means they are professional trainers who can train an unlimited number of horses under other ownership. Usually means it is their sole profession.
Can train a maximum of 6 horses under other ownership - the training of racehorses is not usually their full time profession.
Must own at least 50% of the horse/s they are training

More information on trainers

You can check out the current Trainers Premiership standings by clicking on the following link: https://loveracing.nz/RaceInfo/Trainer-Premierships.aspx

If you are keen on supporting a trainer who is starting out, you can check out the Newcomer to Training leaderboard. This is based on the number of individual winners per season for a trainer who has been licensed for less than 5 years and is not in a training partnership. 

Trainer Profiles

Some members have more detailed profiles of their facilities and services. Click here to view.

Ownership Options

For those new to racing, there is useful information on ownership by following this link: https://loveracing.nz/ownership/how-to-guide/choose-ownership-type

If you are interested in being in a syndicate, you may like to go to the Love Racing syndication platform: https://loveracing.nz/Ownership/Syndicators/Current-Syndications.aspx