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The Trainers’ Association can help with sourcing staff. On the Employment section, there is a current listing of staff available and looking for work. If you can’t see anyone suitable on the staff listing available on the website, trainers can have their details listed on the Trainers looking for Staff listing, and an ad can be placed on your behalf on various Equine staff social media pages.
If you wish to be included on a listing for trainers looking for staff and have advertisements placed on your behalf, please download and complete the following document



NZTA provides members with a comprehensive and easy to follow pack for ensuring you can comply with employment legislation. This includes templates for documents that must be used (all can be changed to suit your requirements) - just click on the link below:


WHAT THE INCREASE IN THE MINIMUM WAGE MEANS FOR YOU AS A  TRAINER AND EMPLOYER - updated May 2022 following the increase in minimum wage to $21.20 per hour
The Trainers' Association is very fortunate to have had an extremely astute trainer, Bruce Wallace provide a great analysis of the ramifications of the wage increase.

"With the introduction of the additional Public Holiday, Matariki, now ten days sick pay per year and an increase of the minimum wage effective 1st April 2022  Trainers need to increase their daily charge to recover this cost by $2.92 per day. This of course does not allow for any overhead and margin on the additional cost and is exclusive of gst.


Other concerns Trainers should have is the increase in their supply costs because of rising fuel prices and supply constraints which in addition to their labour cost increases is fuelling the current inflationary and interest rate hikes, all will effect Trainers costs and bottom line.


Of course, Trainers have the option to absorb these cost but I doubt many would be able to do this.


I have once again attached the updated Burden Rate Labour Calculation template and our letter which we will be sending out to our owners with this month’s invoices.


I would strongly suggest that any Trainer charging under $95.00 per day would be losing money. Trainers should be charging no less than $125.00 per day.



Here are the links to the spreadsheet analysis and the suggested letter for owners.



Information is provided for trainers to assist when employing immigrants.

Updated legislation May 2021 - Immigration Changes
Urgent Update regarding change in visa policy: https://mailchi.mp/0173fcba448f/urgent-immigration-update
Link to articles produced in July 2020 regarding the policy changes from:
      Leading Recruitment and Immigration: New visa policy and information
      Pathways: Visa policy including incorporating board/rent into calculation of hourly rate

Employing overseas workers under the immigration policy introduced in 2017 

Employing Overseas Workers

Flow Chart Trackwork Riders

Once you have arranged employment of an immigrant, you will require a letter of support from the Trainers’ Association, please download and complete the following details and a letter will be sent to you.

Immigration Specialists  

Leading Recruitment and Immigration NZ
Karen Russell
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 027 2316662

Pathways to New Zealand Ltd  
Email: [email protected] 
phone: 078349222 
Mobile: 021769722



Trackwork Rider, Stablehands, Horse breeder, Horse groomer are on the Scarce list!
Your staff can apply from 1 March 2022 - they must:
  • have been in New Zealand on 29 September 2021, and
  • be on an eligible visa on 29 September 2021, or
  • have an application submitted for an eligible visa on 29 September 2021 that was later granted. 
 They must also meet ONE of these three criteria:
  • 'settled' have lived in New Zealand for the past 3 or more years, OR
  • 'skilled' earn at or above the median wage of $27 per hour, OR
  • ‘scarce’ work in a role on the scarce list. 
Further Criteria for them:

  • If you have provided a medical certificate within the last 36 months and were assessed as having an acceptable standard of health, you will not need to provide a further medical certificate.
  • If you have not provided a medical certificate within the last 36 months you will need to provide a Limited Medical Certificate. 
Character - You do not have to obtain a new police certificate unless requested by an Immigration Officer.
Our fee to assist you to apply for this visa: $990.00
Immigration application: $2,160 (includes GST)
If you have questions or you would like Karen to assist you please email her at [email protected]

Karen Russell
CEO & Licensed Immigration Adviser
+64 272316662

Immigration changes and challenges

Border reopening Dates
  • 14 March Some Working holiday schemes
  • 13 April Australian citizens - other exceptions still to be announced
  • 1 May Visa waiver Nationals – most likely Visitors and Short-term business travellers
  • July Accredited Employer Work visas – workers earning over new Median wage
  • October Non-visa waiver Nationals (this date may be brought forward)
Other Critical Worker border exception from 14 March for highly paid talent
  • Employee must stay in New Zealand for more than 6 months
  • Employee must be paid at least 1.5 times the median wage ($84,240 p.a. or $40.50 p/hr)
  • Process is they are given an invitation to apply for a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa to enabling them to travel to New Zealand
  • Don’t need to demonstrate that they have unique experience and technical or specialist skills not readily obtainable in New Zealand 
  • If earn more than $106,080 p.a. ($51 p/hr) - employee eligible to apply for the one-off 2021 Residence Visa, once they are in NZ and before the category closes on 31 July 2022
 Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) - go live on 4 July 2022 
  • Median wage increases - from $27 p/hr to $27.76 p/hr on 4 July 2022
  • Employers only able to secure work visas for employees who are paid at least the new median wage of $27.76 p/hr
  • Some particular roles/industries may have an exemption from paying the Median wage – Government to release more information on which sectors will be exempt
Employer Accreditation key points to note
  • Requirements for high volume accreditation now the same as standard accreditation
  • Additional accreditation requirements to be met for employers who are franchisees or who place AEWV holders with controlling third parties (known as ‘triangular employment’) 
      Job Check (Labour Market Testing)
  • No advertising required if paid at least 200% of median wage ($115,481.60 p.a. or $55.52 p/hr)
  • All other jobs must be advertised – Advert must show minimum and maximum pay rate, minimum guaranteed hours of work, location
  • Job check can cover multiple positions - job details must be the same and be covered by the same advertising and proposed employment agreement.
Application fees
Standard Accreditation – $740 for 12 months
High volume Accreditation – $1,220 for 12 months
Employer Job Check - $610
Employers currently accredited under the Talent (Accredited Employer) scheme will have the fee for their initial AEWV accreditation waived, as long as their accreditation has 6 months from 23 May 2022 until it expires.

Important dates
23 May 2022 Employers can apply for accreditation
20 June 2022 Accredited Employers can begin to submit Job Checks 
4 July 2022 Migrants can apply for an AEWV provided Accreditation and Job Check are completed

Applications for Essential Skills work visas can still be made up until 3 July 2022 without the employer having to be accredited and where the rate of pay is below median wage (currently $27.00 p/hr).
Limited window to secure border entry (and potential residence) for applicants being paid $84,240 p.a. or $40.50 p/hr

Immigration System reset
Employers who rely on migrant labour for lower skilled/lower paid roles (below $27.76 p/hr) will need to look at employing migrants on other visa types such as Working holiday visa holders, student visa holders, post study work visa holders and partnership visas as they are not subject to the Median wage requirement.
This system reset requires employers to reduce reliance on long term migrant workers for low paid, low skilled roles.
It is clear that the Government expects companies to have minimum or no reliance on migrant labour.
This strategy is going to be very challenging for some sectors and roles currently paying below $27.76 p/hr.
Karen and the team at Leading HR and Immigration can help
  • Employer Accreditation and Job Check
  • Assisting your current migrant employees (who are not eligible for the 2021 Residency visa) to apply for an Essential Skills visa before July
  • Employing offshore applicants
  • Updating your HR process including Recruitment and Employment Agreement
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