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Q: Can a dispute between a trainer and an owner prior to the introduction of the reforms now have the new rules applied?
A: Unfortunately no, as the default Agreement would not have been in place and a Fees Notice would not have been issued.

Q: Are the TOR rules compulsory?
A: No, the TOR rules in regards assistance with debt collection only apply if a trainer issues owners with a Fees Notice and then any disputes or enformcement actions are actioned.

Q: Do I have to also have a Trainer-Owner Agreement?
A: No – the default Agreement automatically comes into place if a Fees Notice is provided to the owners.

Q: Can I get help with preparing a Fees Notice?
A: Yes, a template is available and the Trainers’ Association can assist to help you put one together based on what fees you charge.

Q: Where can I find more information on TOR?
A: Click the following link: