Regumate - updated


Since the adoption from the 1st November of ‘two clear days’ WHT of oral Altrenogest in racing fillies and mares it is clear that a proportion of them were starting to come into season on race day. As a consequence, there were a number of late scratchings due to injury in trucks and at the barrier.

We have been advised that the RIU has agreed to adopting new changes to the interpretation of raceday urine and blood samples to allow the oral Altrenogest use up to 'one clear day’.


The recommendation effective from the 19th November is as follows:

1.Stop using oral Altrenogest in racing females ‘one clear day’ from racing. 

2.Under no circumstances use any Altrenogest injections as the elimination of any injection is completely different from an oral formulation. 

3. Always use the listed label dose rate on racing females.

4. Under no circumstances use Altrenogest on male horses. 

 Be aware Altrenogest use worldwide has become very controversial since the detection of trace levels of anabolic steroids and the NZ racing industry maybe required to review their current position again.