Latest News on Covid-19 - updated regularly

This news will be updated on a regular basis for trainers as the Covid-19 crisis evolves. Please know that we are doing everything we can to assist trainers. Things are changing constantly so whilst the situation evolves, be assured we will keep you updated.

RACING PROTOCOLS UNDER LEVEL 3: links to  Alert Level 3 Regulations, Health Screening Questionnaire

Key information for trainers with horses racing

We must follow the NZTR directives as we do not want to do anything that would jeopardize the safety of our industry or our ability to race at Level 3.

Please be familiar with the above Level 3 regulations – these cover the necessary protocols including:

When you have a horse racing   You must:

  1. Contact the clubto advise the names of stable representatives for the meeting by the required time
  2. Ensure all stable representatives carry their NZTR issued 2021/22 Licence Card

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR LICENCE PLEASE CONTACT ME URGENTLY –  [email protected] - I am compiling a list for NZTR Licensing as we are aware of some delivery issues

  1. A letter will be provided by NZTR for trainers with horses racing at each racemeeting. This should be carried and may assist Trainers in Level 3 regions if you need to explain your journey when stopped by police.
  2. Bring a face mask for each person representing your stable.  Failure to wear a facemask will result in expulsion from the racecourse.
  3. Ensure all stable representatives complete the Health Screening Questionnaire prior to arrival and bring with them for arrival at the racecourse
  4. Ensure upon entry to the racecourse you scan the QR code
  5. Maintain physical distancing of 2m wherever possible
  6. Attend the race-meeting for the minimum amount of time practical
  7. Trainers and stable staff must: (i) Wash or sanitise hands regularly, and specifically before and after: handling saddles and associated gear;  leading a horse to or from the birdcage.
  8. Trainers must not enter the Jockey Rooms or any room designated as a ‘Temporary Jockey Room’;
  9. Trainers or owners (as applicable) are required to provide an individual set of colours for each individual rider of each horse of theirs that is engaged at a race Meeting. If this cannot be achieved, for a particular horse, a separate set of colours must be nominated for use.
  10. Note: There will be no on-course catering.  You must bring your own food requirements.
  11. Trainers based in Auckland region will be under Alert Level 4 and should make own arrangements to transport their horse and gear by commercial float company and arrange a handler at the racecourse.
  12. Anyone with cold or flu symptoms or who has been identified as any kind of potential contact of Covid-positive people must stay home and arrange a Covid test.
  • Temperature testing will only be required for jockeys, club staff and officials who work in the areas adjoining the weigh-room and jockeys rooms;
  • Clubs may provide a basic food option on-course;
  • A ban on Inter-Island movements for jockeys, trainers, strappers, float drivers, and officials remains in place until early next week. Otherwise, given the easing of government restrictions on travel in areas excluding Auckland from midnight tonight, participants will be able to travel without constraint within each island.

This freedom to travel also includes Northland trainers who can traverse Auckland, provided they do not stop and carry a transit note.  This paperwork will be provided by NZTR to those trainers with horses nominated for races or trials.


It is due to the Government issued Health Order that means people are unable to travel beyond regions that are not adjacent to their own.

It is also due to Government regulations that inter-regional travel between Alert Levels is not allowed for racing.

Transit letters will be provided for all trainers with horses at racedays for travel within Alert Level 3 regions

Assistance for Auckland/Northland is constantly being investigated.

Most recent updates sent to members as follows:
Update sent 14th September 4.45pm

Update sent 13th September 6.30pm

Update sent 8th September 5pm

Update sent 7th September 5.30pm

Update sent 7th September 7.30am

Update sent 3rd September 5.00pm

Update sent 2nd September 6.00pm

Update sent 1st September 5.35pm

Update sent 31st August 5.45pm

Update sent 30th August 6pm

September Newsletter sent 27th August 6.00pm

Update sent 26th August at 5pm

Update sent 25th August 5.30pm - hopefully returning to racing this weekend..

Update sent 20th August 4.45pm - no racing this weekend! WEAR A MASK!

Update sent 19th August 5pm

Information sent out 18th August 5pm - link

UPDATE COVID LEVEL 4 - 18 August 2021 - 
Training of Racehorses
Movement to and from stables for general husbandry of horses is permissible, but Trainers and training venues must:
seek to minimise the numbers of staff on roster;
require the use of Government COVID Tracing QR Codes;
require or encourage the wearing of masks;
require social distancing where possible; and
encourage frequent use of soap or hand sanitisers.
Horses can be worked for animal welfare purposes if the Trainer considers that it is necessary for the horse’s wellbeing.
NZTR will update within the next 24 hours in accordance with Government updates and guidelines as these are released.
The race meetings at Cambridge on 18 August and at Oamaru on Friday 20 August are both abandoned.
NZTR will be conducting meetings with stakeholder groups and affected clubs, and will update participants tomorrow for upcoming meetings, including possible arrangements for rescheduling of the Cambridge JC and Oamaru JC meetings.
More updates posted as they come to hand.
Latest from the NZTR website:

BOOKING A VACCINE - 0800282926