Latest News on Covid-19 - updated regularly

This news will be updated on a regular basis for trainers as the Covid-19 crisis evolves. Please know that we are doing everything we can to assist trainers. This may unfortunately mean most of you will be having to close the majority of your operations down for a period. However, if we have any chance of gaining financial assistance from the Government, the industry must be socially responsible and ensure nothing jeopardises the spread of the virus. Things are changing constantly so whilst the situation evolves, be assured we will keep you updated.
Most recent updates as follows

Restrictions regarding attendance at race and trial meetings outside of the greater Auckland region will be removed when the bulk of the country returns to alert level 1 from midnight tonight.

This means that owners and members of the public will be able to attend trial meetings at Rotorua, Foxton, and Ashburton tomorrow.  They will also be able to attend all race meetings outside Auckland from Wednesday’s Matamata meeting onward.  

With Level 2 restrictions remaining in place for Auckland until 7 October, at the earliest, the protocols requiring NZTR approved operating plans for attendances of up to 100 persons in separate defined areas will remain in place for meetings at Ellerslie on 26 September and 4 October and Avondale on 7 October.

With racing conducted at meetings in regions at alert level 1 and alert level 2, the following approach for participants has been determined:

  • NZ COVID Tracer APP QR code to be displayed at entrances and other prominent areas.
  • Hand sanitisers to be made available for use by participants and attendees.
  • Temperature checking to be conducted for riders and for persons who work in the weigh-room.
  • Face masks must continue to be worn in Weigh-room, Parade Ring, Birdcage, Starting Gates and Swab Box under level 2; and their use is encouraged under level 1. 
  • People should not attend a race meeting if experiencing symptoms of cold or flu.

The following changes are also noted:

  • Trainers are no longer required to advise the club of the stable staff who will work at the meeting.
  • Health declarations are no longer required to be provided when entering a meeting.
  • Jockeys may now be declared for rides at any meeting, as the inter-island restriction no longer applies.

These amendments are subject to any further changes in the Government’s Covid-19 Health Orders.

NZTR Directive: COVID-19 Emergency Regulations - Alert Levels 1 and 2

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