NZTR seeks comment on the following proposed amendments to the Rules of Racing.  Should you wish to make any comments or provide any other feedback please do so in writing to [email protected]. on or before Friday, 31 August 2022.

Except for the Rule amendment which provides for the establishment of an apprentice academy, the proposed Rule changes arise from the transition from NZTR’s ageing information system to the more up-to-date Single National System (SNS).  These changes include:

  • The registration of syndicates as standalone racing owner entities,
  • The time which must pass before a name can be used again,
  • The naming of horses before being allowed to trial or presented for barrier certification.

This move to naming before trials has previously been flagged with the Recognised Industry Organisations.  Initial feedback was predominantly regarding “wasting” a good name; however, it is widely understood that this is the gamble we take every time we name a horse.  There is no guarantee it will get to the races, win a race, or live up to its great name.

There were also concerns expressed regarding possible GST implications. However, NZTR has received advice that GST does not become payable until the horse takes part in a race.  Naming horses before they trial will therefore have no effect on the time that GST becomes payable.

Why are we doing this?

  • SNS will not accept an unnamed horse when taking nominations for trials.  This is a default of the system and cannot be changed.
  • It will ensure there is no delay or refusal of nomination.
  • Improved financial accounting. Accounts will be sent directly to the owner, rather than to the trainer as is the case with unnamed horses at present.
  • It provides punter visibility.
  • It will aid traceability.


NZTR asks that the above be taken into account should you wish to submit any comments or feedback on the proposed  Rule changes.
(see attached for the proposed Rule changes).