29 April 2022
NZTR CIRCULAR 2021/22 – No. 33
Final Racing Calendar 2022/2023 season
Attached is a copy of the Final Racing Calendar for the 2022/2023 season (Final Calendar) as set by
the TAB NZ Dates Committee in accordance with the Racing Industry Act 2020 following consultation
with the racing codes and consultation by each racing code with its racing clubs and recognised
industry organisations. This process involved various meetings between TAB NZ management and
representatives of the racing codes.
NZTR would like to acknowledge the good working relationship that has developed between the
racing codes and TAB NZ in developing the Final Calendar. Inevitably, each code and individual clubs
will not get everything they want by way of dates. However, a good understanding and relationship
between the codes and TAB NZ is critical in enabling the industry to continue to move forward and
to maximise wagering opportunities for the benefit of all of the racing codes.
NZTR confirms that submissions made by thoroughbred racing clubs and recognised thoroughbred
industry organisations as part of the consultation process on the draft racing calendar circulated in
December 2021 were all carefully considered by it. Where appropriate, NZTR discussed matters
raised in the submissions received by it and potential date changes with the relevant clubs and TAB
NZ management, before making its formal submission to the TAB NZ Dates Committee on requested
changes to the draft dates calendar.
NZTR has responded to the vast majority of the submissions received by it. It will respond to any
submissions that it has not already responded to in the near future.
The Final Calendar reflects the formal submission made by NZTR on the draft dates calendar through
the consultation process. In the main, our submission requested date changes to reflect the nonavailability of tracks for various reasons on the dates initially allocated in the draft dates calendar
and venue changes necessitated by the track reconstructions currently being undertaken at Ellerslie
and Te Aroha. In addition, changes were required to reflect the introduction of a full season of racing
on the Riccarton Park synthetic track and the commencement of racing on the Awapuni synthetic
track in the latter part of the 2022/23 season. Following a request by TAB NZ and discussions with
Taranaki RI, the Taranaki RI meeting initially scheduled for Thursday 22 December 2022 has been
moved to Saturday 24 December 2022 to ensure that there is thoroughbred racing on that Saturday.
Finally, the Waverley RC’s Cup meeting has been moved in the Final Calendar from Sunday 13
November 2022 to Sunday 11 September 2022, when the track is likely to be more favourable for
racing. A number of date changes have been made as a consequence of this move.
In total, 293 thoroughbred meetings are scheduled to be held in the 2022/2023 season. This is the
same number as were initially scheduled to be held in the current racing season. As has been the
case with recent racing seasons, NZTR will, where necessary, seek to hold additional meetings
and/or run additional races to meet demand.
There have been no changes in the Final Calendar to the number of venues at which we intend to
race from that proposed in the draft calendar. We acknowledge that this decision will be
disappointing for some clubs, but the focus on reducing costs to the industry and participants by
racing at a reduced number of venues and a strong focus on maximising returns for the industry
from wagering, in particular, have all contributed to this outcome.
As recently announced by NZTR, the Summer twilight racing season trialled by it in the current
season was successful in driving increased wagering on the relevant meetings. We will, therefore,
look to implement a Summer twilight racing season again in the 2022/2023 season.
NZTR wishes all clubs a very successful 2022/2023 racing season.