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New Zealand Horse Transport and Injury Survey
08 Mar 2017

New Zealand Horse Transport and Injury Survey

Research on horse transport has focused on commercial movement. Information on factors associated with horse injuries sustained during transport is limited, and absent for New Zealand. Based the NZ national rural database, an more than half a  million transport events from non-commercial properties occur each year, and about  1.5 million trips occur annually for horse racing. There are no published data on the horse transport vehicles used, travel practices or the risk of injury to horses or people for New Zealand. The number of human equine related injuries reported to the ACC continues to rise (5.900 for 2009 compared to 8,177 in 2014). The aims of this survey are to : 1) Describe horse transport practices of those that transport horses in NZ and their relationship to the risk of horse injury;  2)To identify the frequency and types of horse  related injury during transport and factors associated with injury; 3)To identify if there is a risk of injury to people engaged in this activity.  The survey is voluntary and anonymous, and respondents can opt out of the survey at any time, or at specified points in the survey. Findings will be published in journals, and summarised in NZ horse industry media (online, magazines, etc.)

Help New Zealand to become the world leader in addressing these important issues: Here is the survey link to activate or cut and paste in your browser:

For further information please contact Chris Riley, Professor of Equine Clinical Studies at Massey University; Email:; Phone: 06 350 9099