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05 Aug 2015

The new season will see the celebration of 40 years of the National body known as the NZ Trainers' Association. Minutes of those early meetings have been well preserved, and some of these will be shared on a regular basis:
The first ever Executive Committee Meeting of the NZTA on record, was held on Friday January 16 1975 at Trentham Racecourse.
In attendance were:
JW Harris (president elect), P Lush (acting secretary), DJ O’Sullivan, BAV Preston, MK Smith, FC Pratt, RB Taggart, BT Jones, EP Corboy, CS Reese-Jones (elected Vice President), MR Skerrett and BJ Anderton
Apologies were received from RJ Wallace, K Quayle and GK Sanders
The national body was formed as a gathering of representatives from four district bodies – Northern, Central, Canterbury and Southern.
Discussion at this meeting included:
Trainers’ licence fees, trainers’ percentage, stipendiary control, representation at Authority level, bell boots, tongue straps, training facilities, nomination times, half-yearly programmes and catering.