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Owners Report Snapshot for Trainers and Racing Managers
28 Jul 2015

Owners Report Snapshot for Trainers and Racing Managers


The following summary provides a brief snapshot of the New Zealand Racehorse Owners’ Report for trainers and racing managers: -

  • Overall 2196 owners completed the survey, a 20% response rate to an online and mail out survey to existing owners
  • Owners are likely to be male (70% male – 30% female)
  • The average age of an owner is 59 years
  • More than one-third of owners live in the Waikato (19%) and Auckland regions (18%). West Coast/Canterbury region (12%) and Wellington (11%)
  • Top three industries owners are engaged in include ‘agriculture, forestry and fishing’ (20%), ‘thoroughbred racing’ (13%) and ‘thoroughbred breeding’ (10%)
  • Average household income before tax – $117,250
  • Owners are likely to be a couple with no children living at home (46%)
  • Owners are be self-employed (36%) or employed full-time (31%)
  • NZ Racehorse owners can be broken up into four segments: -
    • It's mainly about following my horse and watching it race and visiting the stables (56%)
    • It's is mainly about sharing the experience with friends or family (24%)
    • It's mainly about business - return on investment, trading horses, developing breeding stock (13%)
    • It's mainly about winning major/prestigious races (7%)
    • Owners are motivated to own horses because of (out of 10) ‘the thrill of winning’ (8.6), ‘for the fun and excitement of racing’ (8.5), for the ‘love of horses’ (8.1) and ‘to share the experience with family and friends’ (7.7)
    • Many of the benefits owners are seeking relate to raceday experience (out of 5) – ‘ability to speak with the jockey/trainer’ (4.6), ‘ability to view my horse being saddled’(4.2), ‘owners grandstand seating’(4.2), ‘access to Mounting Yard’ (4.2) and ‘access to hospitality following the race’ (4.2)
    • On average owners have an interest in 2 horses
    • The majority of owners have one trainer (59%) and half of all owners have had their horse/s with their trainer/s for more than 4 years
    • Recommendation of an acquaintance (15%), a trainer's reputation/winning record or strike rate (15%) and ‘bought into a syndicate, and the horse was already organised to go to the trainer’ (14%) were the top three reasons nominated by owners for selecting a trainer
    • Eighty-nine percent of owners indicated that it is most likely that they will continue their involvement in racehorse ownership in the next 12 months
    • The majority of owners (64%) indicated that ‘winning or having a horse running well’ is the most memorable part of their most recent racehorse ownership experience
    • The ‘financial aspect’ of racehorse ownership is considered to be the least liked aspect of the sport by more than a third of owners
    • The NZ Derby was rated the most desired race to win by 23% of owners
    • The top three preferred methods of communication owners are seeking from their trainer/racing manager are email (two-thirds of all owners), by phone (63%) and in person (51%)
    • Just over one-in three owners (36%) stated email was the most common form of communication from their trainer/racing manager, with a further 31% indicating phone
    • Owners rated 4.1 out of 5 in relation to how satisfied they were with the communication they received from their trainer/racing manager
    • Sixty-two percent of owners use a smartphone and 31% used a tablet
    • Just over 30% of owners indicated that they did not use either a smartphone or a tablet