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Extra races at Omakau Friday
30 Dec 2013

Extra races at Omakau Friday- with today’s abandonment of Kurow  NZTR in consultation with the Central Otago Racing Club is now looking to run 12 races at Omakau on Friday, when only 8 races were initially programmed.  The additional races will provide opportunities for some of those horses that would have started at Kurow today.  The additional races  has necessitated a new timetable for Omakau, with an earlier (11.40am) start and a 6.19pm finish assuming there are 12 races.


Because of the travel involved to get to Greymouth  the following day, NZTR in consultation with the TAB, the New Zealand Jockeys Association South Island representative and the Clubs  has organised for Greymouth to put back their first race start time by one race. Greymouth’s programme will now start at 1.36pm.