NZTA provide members with a comprehensive and easy to follow pack for ensuring you can comply with employment legislation. This includes templates for documents that must be used (all can be changed to suit your requirements) - just click on the link below:

  • Guidelines for NZTA members when employing staff
  • an employment agreement (only the text in red requires you to put in details)
  • an offer of employment letter
  • Job Descriptions for either Stablehands or Trackwork riders
  • A spreadsheet for recording hours worked, leave taken...
  • A flowchart to see if your staff could qualify as an independent contractor
  • Information on PAYE filing from 1st April 2019.
  • Kiwisaver information required to be distributed for first time employees
  • For international staff we are also able to provide a letter to support  for immigration purposes and direct you to a reputable immigration specialist (see in Links) to assist with necessary paperwork. 
  • See links page for Immigration and international Apprentice information

TO SEE WHICH TRAINERS ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR STAFF: Please click here for a list of trainers


NZTA MEMBERS CAN CONTACT LISTINGS DIRECT and can click on CV available to view a candidate's CV. 

If you don't see anyone suitable an advertisement can be placed on your behalf, free of charge on suitable equine employment sites. We can also list you as a trainer currently requiring staff on this website so that potential employees can contact you direct.

Please note the details are as provided so you can gauge their communication skills!


MARCH 2019

MARTIN HIN - HONG KONG hinmartin11@gmail.com

I’m Martin, I come from Hong Kong, I ride the horses around 2 years, have basic riding skills. I’m seeking for the trainer can take me on to be a track rider or apprentice jockey, Hong Kong is not able to help me to chase my dream coz they need me have around five years of experience so I must get the experience in other place. I found Zac Purton to help me before but QLD do not have the opportunities for international students so I must try another place in AUS, hope u can help me at the moment, I really have much of the passion to be a track rider or apprentice jockey coz I love horses, my weight is around 46-48kg, hope to see your reply

Ella Parkinson - Palmerston North
I'm looking for part time work in Palmerston North. I'm a Massey student so can do weekend work and/or early mornings. Groundwork at a racing stable would be ideal although I would also be interested in learning to ride track work. I have experience with young thoroughbreds, references available.
ella.pickles@hotmail.com and my mobile is 0279147529 🙂  

Neyaaz Burkut - Mauritius 

I love horses very much and i have been riding at Club Hippique De Maurice for 2 years , and i want to move further in an academy . I know the New Zealand Jockey Academy is the best of the best and produced a lot of successful jockeys . Weight 45kg.  Contact Neyaaz direct or Wendy for photos and C.V.



Keenan Herbert - South Africa

Experienced trackwork rider. Click here for CV


Jitendra Singh Indian citizen

I am well experience, capable and confidant work rider, I have last thirteenth years horse racing experiences and at present working with Banglore turf club limited  under Trainer Mr Rajendra Singh at Banglore India for the position of track work rider and done all general stables duty . Previously I have worked in horse racing Dubai as a rider. I'm quick Lerner and always willing to work with you as full time employment, so I am really interested to working in Horse racing New Zealand as a work rider.
If need more details any trainers, I can send them my CV and can provide references. I have my riding video and photos can be provided upon request. 



Omar saleem 

I'm Omar born in Lahore (Pakistan) I strated race riding in 2000 win 350 races and after I moved to UK in New Market Cambridge sufflok work there as a work rider with sir michael stoute work there 8 years now I'm in dubai working with hh sheikh mansoor in abu dahbi I'm looking for job in New Zealand if you cloud help me out with this situation would be nice I can send you my cv and all the documents many thanks my regards  



Fareed Ali - fareedali9292@gmail.com

Utilizing my strong grasp over riding procedures and have been working from 2005 as a rider.

2005-2011  in Lahore Race Club
2011-2014  in UAE and UK in Godolphin
2014-2016  in Lahore Race Club
10 month     in Saudi Arabia
I always possess riding expertise, great enthesiam, commitment to excellence and a sense of responsibility.  I am positive that, these skills and abilities make my candidancy stronger. I look forward for your response So, I can demonstrate my passion in becoming an integral member of your company.
Click here for  CV


Nicolas Valsecchi from Argentinanicolasvalsecchi18@gmail.com
I am a Veterinarian focus in Horse Breeding and Farm Clinic. I am also horse rider and breaker. My Facebook page is "Nicolas Valsecchi Horse Rider Breaker Vet Farrier". I have my Working Holiday Visa, and I am in NZ. 
I started riding jumpers when i was 10 years old. My highest level was when i was 18 years old, 130cm. After that i moved of my city for go to the University. I took courses for Breaking in horses and i started to breaking in when i was 16 years old, teaching to young jumpers. I am a horse breaker in the rational way and without violence, i like work in the way of Parelli, Clenton Anderson and the argentinian aboriginals.
My last breeding season was in Romania until July 2018, working like a vet in the breeding seasons with Arabian horses for show, and in charge for prepare a laboratory for freezing semen, embryo transfer and basic clinic.
I did 3 breeding seasons in Argentina with thoroughbred and polo horses, two seasons were in Abolengo one of the most renownd farm of Thoroughbred breeding in Argentina. More than 230 mares and 180 birth per year.
Then one breeding season (fresh, fozen semen and embryo transfer) in Abu Dhabi, also i was working like trainer, rider and breaker of Arabian Horses for Show.
 After that i was living in Australia for 15 months. I worked like breaker and racing rider with thoroughbred in a small stable (i get license for Gallops in Rosehill Racecourse). And then i worked all the seasons in charge of the pretraining in Princes Farm, like breaker and rider of the pre treiners thoroughbred for the family Cummings, one of the most renowned family of racing in Australia and also i was helping in the breeding season.
 After Australia i did an externship for 4 months in Kawell Hospital and Center of Rehabiliation, Argentina, the biggest Equine Horse Hospital in South America. 
My last work was in Singureni, Romania in the breeding season until July 2018. I was in charge of prepare the lab for clinic, frozen semen and embryo transfer. I was doing the breeding season with Arabian horses for show, fresh and frozen semen; and also i was freezing the semen of Kais (Egypcian Stallion from Poland) and Ghazwan (Champion in France). Click here for CV

Emma Hamilton - Canterbury emblem.hamilton@gmail.com

I am currently looking for work at a racing stable/ with horses in Canterbury or Chch

I haven't had experience with racing, but I have worked with ottbs/ green and young horses and have 2 years previous experience working as a trekking guide, stablehand and riding instructor. Happy to provide a reference as well. Click here for CV

Ravi Kissen Chuttur - Mauritius 

I am a Mauritian apprentice and qualified and spent one year and 3 months in Malaysia.

I have been told by many people that if I want to learn and be a good rider And horseman, I must try get into New Zealand.

I am writing to you to ask for the opportunity to come and be an apprentice in your Horse Racing Club .

I am a hard worker and will do my best to succeed.

Please see attached my curriculum vitae and my certificates respectively.  Links to videos of trial rides on horse "Lighning Rod" are available by request either direct to Ravi or to Wendy Cooper


Max-William Thorpe - New Plymouth, Taranaki 

Would like to work with horses as a potential career. 27 years old, 110kilos, 6ft 3 but keen to learn and progress to attain knowledge and experience.  Has been a barber for past 10 years so happy to start from the bottom and work my way up.

0275555239 maxwilliamthorpe@hotmail.com

Sandra Leuba-Sewell

Experienced racing and jumping stable ground staff looking for a new challenge in a racing stable. Also trial and race day experience, licensed, casual or part time work preferred. Whanganui, Marton, Bulls or Palmerston North Area, own transport. 
Good references available upon request. Immediate start possible.
Tel 027 2040824

Daniel Newsome danbuzz3@gmail.com

Experienced farmhand keen to enter thoroughbred industry. Accommodation preferred if possible. Click here for CV

Rachael Finlay rachaelfinlay4@gmail.com

I am 30 years old, walk 58kg. From age 13 to 18 I rode trackwork for my mother (Marie finlay, who isn’t training anymore unfortunately) and a couple of other small trainers at pukekohe. Being around racehorses my entire upbringing I was very in tune with the game, developed the skill of rating them well during trackwork (ie 1/2 & 3/4 pace). I was also a professional show jumper, which I’m heading back towards again. I can handle naughty horses well also. I’ve come out of retirement and looking for morning work to get me started again. Am currently working one of my own (a too slow tb) for show jumping so am heading towards ride fit again soon.  
Feel free to ask me any more questions!! 
021 930 767 

Devann Crick - Canadian on Rural Exchange

Experienced farmhand - groundstaff with horses -  looking for more equine experience. Able to get working visa through Rural Exchange. Available now - click here for her application or contact Vicky Lucas - vicky@ruralexchange.co.nz

Kylie Windo  - Canadian on Rural Exchange

Experienced farmhand with variety of animals. Able to get working visa through Rural Exchange. Available now - click here for her application or contact Vicky Lucas - vicky@ruralexchange.co.nz

 R.Vaibhav from India 
I would like to know if any trainers are looking for professional riders and what are the facilities provided for Class A license since I'm applying for it. Click here for CV - Photos and videos available from Wendy or email Vaibhav direct: ushhys@gmail.com


SADDAM HUSIN         A qualified jockey from INDIA
Trying to come to NEWZ LAND for track work Riding job. It would be great if you can help me with whom i must contact or if you can please put me through few of the trainers thats looking for track worker rider for full time  it will be great. 
I have nearly 13 years till now as a riding boy 7 years experienced with horses, then in 2012 i got flat horse racing jockey licences from 2012 to  till now I'm flat horse racing  jockey in india...
Im Interested to newz land track work rider job. Can you offer me  track work riding Job please.. I'm  shareing  my racing photos my bio data and my CV please give me this track work riding  job....PLZ CONTACT me email saddamhusin7867@gmail.com contact mobile number +918610768258 / +919148177274...

Sam Mitchell - daisy300300300@gmail.com

im looking for a track riding job I have my equine level 4 working wave race horses and stable hand work I have done 7 Jump Outs and two trials with Grant Irvine horse trainer and also worked with shorty in Stratford.

SUJEETH KUMAR PASWAN - INDIA - sujeethkumarpaswan123@gmail.com

  • I have 5 years of experience in Flat Horse Racing, Hyderabad Race Club (South India)
  • I have worked with Mr. Anupam Sharma from 2013 to 2017.
  • Working with Mr.K.S.V Prasad raju, Flat Horse Race Trainer From 2017 till now.
  •  I know all kind of riding work, Gallop, fast Trout, Pace work Schooling, Gate Practice
  • Know all stable work including, Grooming, feeding, Muck out, Taking Horse for races.
  • Can handle Nervous colts, Fillies and Stallions

Click here for CV

 Akshay Balloo - Akshay130391@hotmail.com

A qualified jockey from South Africa and trying to come to NZ for work n racing experience. It would be great if you can help me with whom i must contact or if you can please put me through few of the trainers thats looking for jockey or track worker it will be great. 
I have nearly 10 years experienced with horses, with two years work riding in Ireland and 5 years race riding in south Africa and Mauritius. I have won few features races and was champion apprentice in cape town 2017/2018 season.


Nuthoo Muhammad Ismaail Yousouf - Mauritius

Raceriding experience in Madagascar. Click here for CV and contact details



Ridden trackwork previously, on youngsters, stallions and gallopers. last ride was a few months ago before i sprained my ankle(all healed now though). Show jumped and done dressage as well. email is lilyminty12@gmail.com and cell is 02102299930

Zafar Riyaz - Indiajockeyislam@gmail.com
I am a flat race horse Jockey working in Royal calcutta Turf Club in INDIA. I am 34 years old and my weight is 50 kgs I have ridden in races and won races .
I can handle any difficult horse, I can break in 2 year olds and ride them and give them gate practices.
I am puntual in my work and also help my trainer in stable management.
I am very sincere and honest in my duties.I am very freindly and easy going personality .
In morning track work if the horse needs any eqiupments to be changed for better performance of the horse I inform the trainer.
New trainee riders I teach them how to ride and control the horse.
I obey the orders of my trainers and follow his instructions.
As I know New Zealand has world top horse trainers and if I work under them I can become a better international standard Jockey.
I request you sir to kindly give me an oppurtunity to work in your yard.And I promise that I will work hard upto your expectation .
I have attached the following below mentioned documents for your reference - CLICK HERE for documents and for photos


I have 10 years of experience in flat horse racing. • I worked as Track work rider / stable hand with Mr Anupam sharma (Flat Race Trainer, Hyderabad Race Club), India from 2009 to 2018 • I Got my Jockey license from Anupam sharma in 2013(Hyderabad Race club) • I completed my apprentice in 2014 ( 40 winners) • I have completed more than 900 rides • I have won 150 winners, 250 seconds and places 300 • Currently working at Hyderabad race club 

Click here for CV   Video available (too big to attach here) - please ask Mukesh direct - mkgautam084@gmail.com, or royalrajput2020@ymail.com



Kemnath Purrun - Mauritius - bdkeshav@gmail.com

I am Khemnath Keshav Purrun. I have 18 years old. I am an apprentice jockey for Rameshwar Gujadhur stable at Poste Lafayette in Mauritius.I want to join your team and be a good jockey, make a good career and also fulfill my dream. Please do get me a chance to join your team. I will work hard and be a boy rider.  Click here for reference


Savish Devesh Khetoo Mauritius savishkhetoo@icloud.com

I am 20 years old and i have been riding since 6 years and also know grooming. 

Gender: Male

D.O.B: 08/07/97
Age:20 yrs
Country: Mauritius
Height: 1m70cm
Weight: 48 kg
Contact: +230 58263760 

HEAVELON  VAN DER HOVEN - South Africa  click here for CV

I’m looking for a job as a jockey. My training started at The South African Jockey Academy in 2011 and I qualified in August 2016.  I’m a dedicated Jockey with extensive track work and racing experience. I visited Australia in July/August 2014 as guest at JSL Racing. I have experience in riding different paces such as canter or fast gallop/ racing pace. I have ridden 47 winners  and about 130 places to date for top trainers in South Africa such as Evete Bremner, Grant Paddock, Riaan van Reenen,  Gavin Smith, Mitch Wiese, Hekkie Strydom , Glen Puller, Justine Snaith and many more, Heavelon has also been recommended by Sheila Laxon as a good worker and rider.

heavyjocky@gmail.com  or  ericavdh5@iway.na


Cian Maher - Ireland

20yr old conditional jockey. He has ridden over hurdles and fences both here and in the UK. He has worked for successful trainers like Christy Roche and Evan Williams. Cian has been quite successful during his short career and has had some winners on the track. He is currently living beside the Curragh in County Kildare which is the home of Irish racing.
You can contact Cian directly through his email address which is cianmaherjockey@gmail.com to view his CV and discuss any further information you may need.

Yogesh Ramachandra Rao - India yogeshchouan.r@gmail.com

Worked as a Assistant Trainer for Vishal Yadav from March 2007 to Jan 2014.  Workedd as a Stable Hand and Assistant for trainer Shane Edward in Selangor Turf Club, Malaysia from March 2014 to Oct 2016. Worked as a Assistant Trainer for Michael Eshwer from Nov 2016 to Till Date

Click here for documents 2/3/4